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Jazz Band A

Jazz Band at Redondo is by audition only. Jazz Band A and Jazz Band B
will meet in one class to rehearse and prepare for public performances as
well as Jazz Festivals. Jazz Band A performs advanced Jazz literature and
Jazz standards, Jazz Band B performs intermediate Jazz literature and
Jazz standards. Home practice is necessary and required to perform in
Jazz Band and lessons are highly recommended. Students are expected to
listen to Jazz at home to improve their improvisation skills.
If there are enough students to have a third band we will form Jazz Band C
which will meet once a week after school in addition to sectionals during
Jazz Band class. Time for after school rehearsals: TBD based on student
schedules. Jazz Band C will also be open to current Jazz students who will
not be able to fit Jazz Band A or B in to their class schedule. Jazz Band C
will perform Novice/lntermediate Jazz literature and standards.